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February 17, 2008

:048 Crawlspace Check

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New York State Dept of Env Conservation

Suggested Review – :040, :041, :047

1:5:10:048 Tip: It is important that crawlspaces remain clean. Wood and other types of cellulose debris promote termites and other types of insect and fungal infestation that can degrade your home. Many of the treatments for these pests are quite toxic. It is far better to avoid infestations in the first place by keeping all debris out of the crawlspace. 

Tomorrow I will have more information on wet crawlspaces.


Additional Information

Crawlspaces can be dangerous places. During my career I have inspected over 1000 crawlspaces. Many had conditions that were extremely dangerous.

If you don’t know how to safely enter and inspect a crawlspace, you should leave it to professionals.



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  1. You are right about crawl spaces having dangerous conditions. My company, CrawlSpace Concepts, out of Detroit Michigan sees plenty of this.

    The fix for a wet, moldy, rodent infested crawl space is to close or “condition” the crawl space. I am sure you have heard of it. We have a website at crawlspaceinfo.com that sells the materials to condition the crawl space, the prices are very reasonable. The building code has finally allowed for this type of repair and in some areas they are requiring it. We have posted a video on how to install the vapor barrier DrySpace so that local contractors or even homeowners can finally get their crawl space fixed for good. There is more information on our install site fixmycrawl.com. There we have dehumidifer recommendations and pictures of drain systems etc. Take a look when you get a chance I would love to help you get the word out about the solution to this wide spread problem. – Matt

    Hi Matt,
    I’ve looked at your website and you’ve got some great information and products. I’m happy to post your information.

    John Banta

    Comment by Matt — April 26, 2008 @ 9:15 pm

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