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November 3, 2008

:308 Crawlspace Ventilation

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1:5:10:308 EcoTip: Autumn is the time of year when people may start sealing up the vents around their crawlspace. This may not be a good idea. Extra soil moisture can migrate into building materials resulting in mold growth and the lack of ventilation may result in higher radon concentrations. If you believe sealing your crawlspace is necessary, you may want to have it professionally inspected to determine if that can be done without creating problems.


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Placing a soil barrier in the crawlspace can help reduce moisture problems and typically reduces the required amount of ventilation by 90%.

If you believe your crawlspace vents need to be closed in winter because the floor feels cold or the plumbing will freeze – you should consider upgrading the insulation to the underside of the floor and the pipes.

Tomorrow’s post will be about a radon gas-mat system that works well with a soil barrier at reducing radon levels.

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  1. Sealing your crawlspace can actually be the best thing you do if you are looking to protect yourself from mold growth, moisture, etc.

    This is not a do-it-yourself job though. Like you said – it is necessary to contact a professional. Most companies offer free estimates.

    The original idea about crawlspace vents was that outside air would flow in one vent directly out the other side through another vent. Well – what actually happens is those vents are allowing the outside air in – but it doesn’t just flow out like intended. During the summer – that warm air hitting your cool duct work will cause humidity – which leads to mold.

    By properly sealing your crawlspace you are eliminating the opportunity for mold to grow because no moisture can get in. You can also have a sump pump with an alarm installed in the case of plumbing leaks. The alarm will alert you that a leak has occurred while the sump pump quickly sucks out the water.

    A good video to watch can be found at: wet-basement-waterproofing.com/products5/MoldInCrawlspace

    Comment by WetCrawlspace — November 5, 2008 @ 8:26 am

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