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December 27, 2008

:362 Attic Ice

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1:5:10:362 EcoTip: Winter is a good time to check for attic ice. If it is not coming from leaks or ice dams then there must be excessive moisture coming into the attic from somewhere that is freezing on the cold underside of the roof. It may be that the attic ventilation is inadequate, but is also very likely that a moisture source is releasing moisture into the attic. Double check bathroom, laundry and kitchen vents to be sure they are dumping moisture laden air outside and not into the attic. The air infiltration sealing techniques discussed elsewhere in this blog may also help (search term infiltration).


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I inspected one home that was having problems with ice forming in the attic then melting onto the ceiling and walls when the days began to warm. The problem had suddenly developed one year. It turned out that a plumber had pulled the vapor barrier off the soil in the crawlspace to work on the septic line, and had not replace the barrier. The excess moisture coming off the soil was able to infiltrate all the way up through the house into the attic and was  sufficient to cause the problem to develop. Replacing the plastic barrier on the soil solved the problem.

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  1. Attic ice is an important topic–not only is the underlying cause probably wasting energy and money–but left untreated, it can cause expensive dammage.

    I’ve been writting a bit lately about a related issue of icicles and ice damming. Check out: http://greenhomesamerica.wordpress.com/


    Hi Mike,

    I took a look at your site – you’ve got some good information!


    John Banta

    Comment by greenhomesamerica — January 11, 2009 @ 3:08 pm

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