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January 1, 2008

:001 Start a Journal

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I’m author and environmental consultant John Banta. Welcome to 1:5:10:365. Each day for the next year I’m going to be posting a new tip for becoming an environmental steward for our home and planet. It will take about one minute a day to learn about that day’s goal. If it’s something you’re already on board with then that’s great, but if not – plan on spending another 5 minutes learning more about the objective and ten minutes making it so. That’s why I call it 1:5:10:365.

1:5:10:001 Tip: This week we are going to begin by taking stock of our energy and resource profile. The first step is to start a journal where you can record your actions, track your costs and savings and follow your progress. You can set this up on your computer or recycle an old notebook. What matters is that you have a way to keep track of the important information profiling our progress.

Well that’s my 1:5:10 minute for today. If you decide to start following this program, it should take you less than 5 minutes to review the additional information, and think about how you are going to proceed, then less than ten minutes to get started.


Additional Information:

I’ve decided to keep my journal as a word document on my computer. Here is an example of my first journal entry to help you get your journal started.


That is a little hard to read so here is what it says:



1:5:10:365 JOURNAL for John Banta 

1:5:10:001 Start a Journal          Time        Cost       Energy        CO2

                                                     1:3:7       $0.00             0               0

Comments: This is my first journal entry for day :001. I spent one minute learning about the day’s goal, three minutes reviewing and thinking about the additional information, and seven minutes getting my journal set up as a word document on my computer. The cost, energy and CO2 are small enough that I will not be entering anything for those amounts today.


This journal is a way for you to keep organized and track of information that will help you make decisions as we move forward.

 See you tomorrow.

John Banta

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