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January 7, 2008

:007 Water Leaks

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Welcome to day seven of 1:5:10:365 toward becoming a better steward for our home and planet.


1:5:10:007 Tip: Today’s the day to really look for dripping faucets and plumbing leaks. I don’t have any sophisticated methods. Just look everywhere. If you find something dripping, put a container under it and collect the drips too see how much is being lost. There are 748 gallons to a unit of water, so by totaling your loss you can see how much is being wasted. The collected water can then be used to water plants or flush toilets until the plumber can fix it, or you may be able to turn off the shut off valve to stop the leak until it is fixed.

Tomorrow we will look at how to read your water meter. 


Additional Information

To calculate how much water a drip or leak is wasting, time how many seconds it takes to collect 1 cup of water. Divide 2635 by the number of seconds to determine the number of units of water that would leak in a year. You can multiply this by the dollar amount you recorded in your journal for day :002 to see how much that leak would cost each year.

As an example if it takes 1 minute to fill a measuring cup:

2635 ÷  6o seconds = 44 units (32,000 gallons each year – enough to fill a swimming pool). At $1.15 that’s about $50 a year being wasted.


Journal Entry: Record the 1:5:10 time you spent, how much water is leaking per year and the cost of that water. Also record how much you paid to have the leak fixed. We will be determning cost/benefits later.


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