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January 11, 2008

:011 Gas Meter Reader

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Welcome to day eleven of 1:5:10:365. Today you will be locating your gas meter and learning how to read the amount that is being used.


1:5:10:011 Tip: Even if you have an all electric home, it makes sense to know how to locate a gas meter and shut it off. Earthquakes, wild fires, floods, tornadoes, high winds all may require shutting down the gas in a neighborhood to prevent gas fires and explosions.

Gas meters should be located in places that are obvious and accessible. If you don’t know where it is you can call your public utility and ask them.

Your meter will have a dial, or be digital. Unlike electric meters they don’t have a spinning wheel. The dial is read the same way as the dial on an electric meter. Digital readouts are just as shown on the meter.

Write down the current gas use in your journal. You may also want to snap a digital photograph of the meter showing the dial positions. The meter usually measures in units of 100 cubic feet, but you are usually billed in Therms. The quantity of heat in a cubic foot of gas can vary so the public utility adjusts the calculation to establish the rate each month.

That’s my 1:5:10 minute for day today. Tomorrow we will be talking about gas leaks and shutting the gas off at the meter.


Additional Information

An excellent more detailed explanation about finding and reading gas meters as well as calculating therms is available from http://www.gdga.com/billing.htm


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