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January 13, 2008

:013 Gas Conservation

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1:5:10:013 Tip: A pilot light is often used to ignite burners on natural gas and propane appliances. It allows you to turn off a gas appliance then reignite the burner when you turn it on again. Since pilot lights burn continuously they use energy 24/7. Electronic ignitions are now commonly used in energy efficient gas appliances to ignite the burner on demand. Older gas appliances still frequently have pilot lights. A study by the Canadian Gas Association found each standing pilot light on fireplaces and other appliances consume about 70 therms of natural gas each year.

Retrofit kits are available to convert pilot lights to electronic ignition. For fireplaces it is generally easy to  to turn the pilot light off when they are not being used.

Furnace system pilot lights may use 5 to 12 therms per month. The pilot light can be turned off during the time of year when the system is not being used.

Pilot lights were discontinued on gas clothes driers in the mid 1990’s, but many old driers still exist. Since new gas clothes driers use about half the energy – it may make sense to replace older models rather than trying to upgrade them. I will be posting more about evaluating appliances later.

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