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February 7, 2008

:038 Emergency Weather Radio


Source: http://www.weatherradiostore.com/

1:5:10:038 Tip: Purchase a NOAA Emergency Weather Alert Radio.

There are many types of extreme weather emergencies that are being monitored by NOAA with emergency broadcast alerts. An emergency weather radio silently monitors these broadcasts and can be set to automatically come on when an alert is issued in your area allowing your family to brace for the recognized extreme weather event.


Additional Information

A wide variety of emergency weather alert radios are available from http://www.weatherradiostore.com/ for under $50.00

A note from John Banta: I had originally planned to post this 1:5:10:365 tip on February 26 prior to tornado season beginning, but decided to post early due to the recent spate of tornado deaths in Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Kentucky. Most of the deaths were in rural areas that did not have community sirens. Emergency Weather Radios save lives by making sure that you are wakened and alerted when emergency events are occurring in your vicinity.

Extreme Weather Events appear to be occurring more frequently, intensely and earlier each year. A February tornado has been a rare event in the past, but the monitored weather conditions were such that NOAA was able to predict the increased tornado activity six days in advance, and pinpoint the areas that were hit to provide a few minutes to get to a safer area and not be caught by surprise.

My new book Extreme Weather Hits Home is about preparing our dwellings to better withstand and recover from the extreme weather conditions that are becoming more prevalent.

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