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February 13, 2008

:044 ICAT Can Lights

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Today’s 1:5:10:365 Tip is about air tight can lights designed to be in contact with the insulation.

1:5:10:044 Tip: Ceiling can type lights have historically wasted a lot of energy. Many states are now requiring Insulation Contact and Air Tight (ICAT) can lights for new construction, but this means there are a lot of old leaky ones. Don’t merely try sealing a leaky can light or covering it with insulation. The heat build-up can create a fire. Instead, the light fixture should be retrofitted with an approved kit, or replaced with a ITIC unit.  


Image courtesy of www.moistureview.com

The above thermal image shows a can type light with a dark ring around it. The dark ring represents air infiltration. The lighter blue areas represents insulation missing between the ceiling joists. Placing a puff of smoke from the Wizard Stick (:039) near the can light further demonstrates the air infiltration.


Additional Information

Here’s some information from California’s title 24 standards about recessed air tight insulation contact lights and their payback period:


Aubuchon Hardware has ITAC fixtures available for new construction and remodeling in packs of 6 for $62.94:

atic.jpg  New construction:


 atic2.jpg Remodeling:



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