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February 29, 2008

:060 Tally the Savings

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Suggested Review – 1:5:10:365 Tips :031 to :059

Welcome to today’s 1:5:10:365 Tip for becoming a better steward for our home and planet.

1:5:10:060 Tip: Here we are two months into this project of posting a 1:5:10:365 Tip a day for a year. If you have been recording in you journal each day it should now be fairly easy to track how much you have spent and how much you can anticipate saving. Under additional information there will be a listing of Tips :032-:059 and suggestions for considering them from the standpoint of costs or savings. By subtracting the costs from the savings each month you will be able to track both financial and environmental progress. Last month’s energy tips had reoccurring types of savings that could be expected every month. This months tips are more likely to help with maintenance, or indoor air quality. Energy saving tips are primarily aimed at winter (although many of them will also save on the cooling bill in summer).


Additional Information

Don’t forget to bring forward your anticipated savings from month one (see Tip :30). The following tally is given as an example. Your own numbers will vary – Get them from your journal. For purposes of this tally only dollars will be counted – Of course there are other benefits as well. As an example: what I did will be in ($cost/$saved)

:032 Do-it-yourself Carbon Credits –  information

:033 Toys and Lead – information

:034 Buildings with Lead – information  

:035 Furniture with Lead – information  

:036 Winter Thermal Imaging – Costs about $250 savings primarily in winter and summer by correcting problems (savings covered in tips: :041, :043, :046, :047)

:037 Thermography Eco-Business – information

:038 Emergency Weather Radio – information

:039 Wizard Stick – helps with savings in tips :040, :041, :042, :043, :044, :045, :046, :047 ($15/$0)

:040 Tracking Air Infiltration – information

:041 Sealing Out Infiltration- This one can result in big savings – up to 30% of your heating bill ($cheep/$lots)

:042 Duct Leakage – information

:043 Sealing Ducts – This one can result in savings of 10% or more of your heating bill ($cheep/$lots)

:044 ICAT Can Lights – average payback about 5 years ($25/$0.42)

:045 Blower Door Test – information

:046 Isolate the Garage – indoor air quality benefits although there may also be energy savings

:047 Isolate the Crawlspace  – indoor air quality benefits although there may also be energy savings

:048 Crawlspace Check- maintenance savings

:049 Wet Crawlspace – maintenance savings

:050 Soil Mats – maintenance savings and indoor air quality improvements

:051 Sump Pumps- – maintenance savings and indoor air quality improvements

:052 NonToxic Termite Control – maintenance

:053 NonToxic Termite Control 2 – maintenance

:054 Mosquito control – information

:055 Donate – Don’t Toss- information 

:056 Freon Capture – information

:057 MTBE in Gas – information

:058 Evaluate Your Roof – big bucks can be saved if this tip keeps your roof intact and your home dry

:059 Stop Junk Mail – information


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