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May 3, 2008

:124 Window Leaks

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Welcome to today’s 1:5:10:365 Tip for becoming a better steward for our home and planet.

1:5:10:124 Tip: Windows can leak in ways that aren’t obvious. Today’s tip is to temporarily block those weep holes I talked about yesterday with some soft putty and fill the bottom track with water. Watch to see if the water visibly leaks out or the water level drops. If so – then fix the leaks. Don’t forget to unblock the weep holes when you are finished with the test. Plan on letting the water stand in the track for about an hour. If you can see the water level dropping then stop the test early by opening up the weep holes and letting the track drain. Long term water leaking into wall cavities through window leaks can cause mold growth in the wall cavity. So these types of problems need to be discovered and fixed early. The amount of water that might go into the wall from the test is small enough that it shouldn’t cause a problem by itself – but depending on how long the leak has been present – there may have already been enough water entry to cause a mold problem. When in doubt – its best to call in a professional to confirm the nature of the leaks and make repairs.


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