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January 14, 2009

Airetrak Bathroom Fan Control

Take the 1:5:10:365 challenge: Do one thing – for 5 to 10 minutes – 365 days a year to make our home and planet environment better.

The bathroom ventilation fan may be able to be used to help provide fresh air to help reduce moisture and improve indoor air quality. Make sure the fresh air is coming from a clean outside source. The Airetrak bathroom fan control from Tamarack Technologies is one low cost way to adapt your existing bath fan for this use. When needed it allows full fan capacity for extra ventilation for example when showering. Then adjusts the fan speed downward for constant ventilation to meet fresh air needs.



 Additional Information: http://www.tamtech.com/store/universal-fan-control,Product.asp

The Airetrak line of bath fan controls allow builders and homeowners to meet ASHRAE 62.2 guidelines for indoor air quality, and also make the home Energy Star capable.

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May 6, 2008

:127 Fresh Air

Welcome to today’s 1:5:10:365 Tip for becoming a better steward for our home and planet.

1:5:10:127 EcoTip: A fresh air supply is important to help prevent back-drafting (:113). Rather than leaving a vent open to the outside continually, the Cape Damper can be installed through a wall to allow air to flow in only one direction when needed but to also prevent back-drafting should a dangerous negative pressure develop.

Credit: http://www.tamtech.com/cape_damper.htm


 Additional Information

The Cape Damper can be mounted through the wall to allow fresh air to enter, or as an exhaust damper for exhaust fans or a clothes drier. Since it doesn’t have spring loaded flaps, it won’t clog with lint, but can prevent clothes dryer back-drafting.

If it is being used for allowing fresh air to enter, it will need a screen added to help prevent insect and rodent entry.

specifications: cdf.07.pdf

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