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June 2, 2008

:154 4-PC Alternatives

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Welcome to today’s 1:5:10:365 Tip for becoming a better steward for our home and planet environments.

1:5:10:154 EcoTip: The GreenGuard product certification program places limits on the amount of 4-Phenylcyclohexene (4-PC) that can be emitted by adhesives and sealant products. The carpet industry has a new improved carpet testing program called Green Tag Plus which puts carpets and adhesives through a 14 day, 13 point test which includes 4-PC.


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The following are some suggestions from the book I co-authored with architect, Paula Baker-LaPorte and MD, Erica Elliott Prescriptions for a Healthy House

  • Of the synthetic carpets, 100 percent nylon is considered one of the safest.
  • Choose carpeting that has little or no odor. Even the slightest odor on a small sample will be magnified many times in a fully carpeted room and can result in a very prominent, unpleasant, and unhealthy smell.
  • Choose your carpeting as early as possible so it will have the most time to air out prior to installation. Buy carpeting from a supplier who will agree to warehouse it for you. This means that the carpet will be unrolled and aired out in the warehouse prior to shipping.
  • Avoid carpeting that contains antimicrobial agents such as fungicides and mildewcides.
  • Avoid carpeting containing permanent stain-resistance treatment.
  • Avoid carpeting or pads containing styrene-butadiene rubber.

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