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November 4, 2008

:309 Radon Gas Mat

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1:5:10:309 EcoTip: A radon gas mat system is sometimes installed under a concrete slab before it is poured to help control radon gas. If you have a crawlspace the same gas mat system can be installed on top of the crawlspace soil with the gas mat underneath a polyethylene moisture barrier to keep the radon exiting the crawlspace and entering the home. Other types of gases such as water vapor and pesticide treatments also seem to be controlled well by the gas mat systems.

Source: http://www.radonpds.com 


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Instructions and materials for the installation of a radon gas mat system under a slab foundation are available at: http://www.radonpds.com/Instructions_SM/Instructions_SM.htm. Using it in a crawlspace under a soil mat follows the same basic steps except the soil mat substitutes for the concrete.

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