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December 2, 2008

:337 ShowerStart

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1:5:10:337 EcoTip: If you or someone in your family is in the habit of turning on the shower and letting it run to heat up while doing something else, the ShowerStart technology may be the thing for your family. With ShowerSmart, the shower head adapter cuts back the flow of water to a trickle as soon as the shower’s temperature reaches 95 degrees F. This keeps hot water from running down the drain until you are ready to enter the shower. At that point you flip the shower head switch and the water flow resumes. This helps eliminated the water and energy waste when excess water is allowed to run while waiting for it to heat up to a comfortable temperature.



 Additional Information:

ShowerStart is available with built in shower heads, or you can use the ShowerStart adapter (shown above) to adapt your favorite low flow head.

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