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December 22, 2008

:357 Air Washing

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1:5:10:357 EcoTip: Air washing occurs when air leak in the building envelope allow air to flow through insulation – reducing its effectiveness. Air washing can be diagnosed using thermal imaging or thermal leak detection in combination with creating a strong negative air pressure when the temperature difference between the inside and outside is at least 20 degrees F.


 Additional Information:

Suggested Review: :113, :356

Performing the inspection without negative pressure (:356) helps evaluate the effectiveness of insulation when there is little or no wind or other pressure forces. Performing the inspection with a negative pressure simulates the way the building behaves when outdoor conditions are windy or there are other pressure forces present.

It is important not to cause back-drafting which can result in carbon monoxide poisoning or fire from flame roll-out when conducting negative pressure tests for air washing.  

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