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December 23, 2008

:358 Microwave Oven Tester

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1:5:10:358 EcoTip: If you use a microwave oven, it is prudent to keep your distance and only use an oven that is properly operating. A number of microwave leak testers are available that can be used to provide a rough approximation of whether an oven is leaking or not.

q660_product Professional Equipment Microwave Leak Detector


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A Federal standard limits the amount of microwaves that can leak from a microwave oven. New ovens may not leak in excess of 1 mW cm–2at 5 cm and once placed in service may not leak microwave radiation in exceeding 5 mW cm–2 at 5 cm from the oven surface. The radiation level falls off quickly with distance, so staying 20 inches from an operating oven would reduce exposure 100 fold.

Interestingly enough – some European countries have safety standards that require workers wear safety goggles if exposed to microwave levels in excess of 1 mW cm–2 and some studies suggest that these low levels of radiation exposure can cause cataracts with cumulative exposure.

If your going to use them – it seems prudent to step away from the oven, and don’t let the kids watch the food cook.

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