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July 24, 2008

:206 Septic System Treatment

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1:5:10:206 EcoTip: Septic tanks utilize bacteria to help digest the solid sewage so that it becomes liquified. The liquid waste then flow through the leech lines where additional bacterial action renders the wastes safe. The digestion process that takes place in septic systems and leech lines can be aided by adding bacteria that assist the process. 


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If you have a septic tank or cesspool and want to start using bacteria based supplements, it is important not to begin adding them when the septic tank is full. The bacterial action helps break up the sewage, but this can cause a temporary expansion in the volume contained in the tank (kind of like yeast causing bread to rise). If you add the bacteria when the tank is full, the sewage may expand to the point where it will back-flow or pop the tank lid. If you have a septic tank make sure the level is less than half full when you first start using them. A good time to start is a week or so after you have had your tank pumped out. If you are having to pump your tank more frequently than once every five years, supplementing the digestion process may help.

Roebic has bacteria based septic treatments that are readily available. Their biological sewage treatment products are certified 100% biodegradable by Scientific Certification Systems, Inc. of Oakland, California. They have additional good information on drain and septic care at their website http://www.roebic.com/septicintro.htm.

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