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January 9, 2008

:009 Hidden Water Leaks

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Welcome to today’s 1:5:10:365 Tip for becoming a better steward for our home and planet.


1:5:10:007 Tip: Sometimes water leaks may not be obvious. To locate hidden leaks shut off all your taps so that no water is being used. Now check your water meter and record the reading. Let it sit for awhile. Overnight is best, then check the meter reading again and record the difference as well as how much time has elapsed.

If the reading has changed something is leaking or someone used the water. If there is a leak, you may be able to determine the approximate location by looking for abnormally wet areas of soil for the incoming line. Other sources of hidden water leaks may include sprinkler systems or broken pipes in slab foundations. This can be a serious situation if it isn’t discovered early and taken care of since the water can migrate a distance through the slab and the excess moisture cause mold and rot in building materials and contents. There are special leak detection companies that use listening devices to “hear” the location of the leak to help pinpoint repairs.

If indoor water leaks have caused water damage, it can result in big expenses and lead to mold if you don’t act quickly. That’s the topic of tomorrow’s 1:5:10 Tip.


Additional Information:

You can calculate how much hidden leaks are costing by wasting water by multiplying the difference in the meter readings by an appropriate factor.

If you determined hidden water leaks by checking the difference after 6 hours then you would multiply the units of water by 1460. For 12 hours multiply by 730 and for 24 hours use 365.


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