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November 27, 2008

:332 Mulch Plumbing

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1:5:10:332 EcoTip: If your part of the country routinely experiences freezing conditions, your in-ground plumbing is probably installed so it is protected. If your in-ground plumbing isn’t adequately protected, throwing a couple of feet of mulch over the area at risk may provide the extra insulation necessary to keep the pipes from freezing.


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Sprinkler systems should be drained and blown out. When sprinklers are installed in areas that routinely freeze – they should have drain plugs built in at the lowest points. If the system doesn’t have a good way to drain it and blow out the water – mulching over the lines may do the trick. This is also true for points where the water supply line isn’t burried deeply enough. Simply add mulch over the top of the area to be protected.

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