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September 29, 2008

:273 Cool Roofs

Welcome to today’s 1:5:10:365 Tip for becoming a better steward for our home and planet environment.

1:5:10:273 EcoTip: Cool roof is a term used to describe roofs that reflect light instead of becoming hot. According to a paper presented by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory scientist Hashem Akbari if every roof and area of pavement in the 100 largest cities in the world was switched to a cool roof and more reflective pavement, the reduced heat would offset 44 metric gigatons of greenhouse gases – an amount greater than all the greenhouse gases emitted by all the countries on our planet each year.

Image reprinted from the Cool Roofs Rating Council Website


 Additional Information:

In 2005 the state of California required that all flat roofed commercial structures switch to white roofs. The technology has developed such that in 2009 California will require that all new and retrofitted roofs on both residential and commercial structures be heat-reflecting. When properly manufactured even colored roofs can be reflective.

 For additional information see the Los Angles Times September 10, 2008 articleTo slow global warming, install white roofs.

The Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) is an independent, non-profit organization that maintains a third-party rating system for radiative properties of roof surfacing materials.  You can use their directory to search for cool roof products.

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